He Adds A Mix Of Purple Dye In Mysterious Hole, Without Imagining That Strange Eels Would Emerge [VIDEO]

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He never imagined it. A young fishing lover, shared on YouTube the mysterious experiment he did inside a mud hole where he mixed a purple dye to capture dozens of dangerous creatures.

You will be shocked. A viral YouTube video shared by the Fishing BD channel , a page about fishing, spread the mysterious discovery made by a young man in a strange mud hole he found in the countryside. The author of the clip spilled a lot of purple dye to attract dozens of strange dangerous fish. The reckless animals when leaving their hiding place tried to attack the boy, who has become ‘famous’ in countries like Mexico , the United States and Spain.

Fishing BD, a YouTube channel that broadcasts topics about fishing , caused great shock to its followers after publishing a video starring a young man, who captured dozens of dangerous fish.

As you can see in the viral YouTube, the author of the video placed three kinds of oils to attract the fish, without imagining that dozens of strange creatures would emerge from their hiding place.

According to the details that the viral YouTube video shared , these are eels that camouflaged inside a mud hole. Snake-like animals surprised thousands of citizens in Mexico and the United States.

“There are eels everywhere in our nature, but fishing is very difficult. People don’t want to catch them because they look like snakes and horrible, ”reads the post that has been viralized on YouTube, Facebook and other social networks.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that through Fishing BD a video about capturing mysterious river animals is viralized. The publication on YouTube has more than 443 504 views.


Source: La Republica