Have You Always Wanted to Be a Mermaid? Now You Can Be.

Who does not love to swim? Well, surely there are people who do not like or are afraid of water and we do not blame them. The aquatic environment can be a bit stressful, as being without oxygen most of the time is complicated.

We do not know if you have already thought that global warming is getting rid of the glaciers and many frozen areas of the world, which has caused the increase in the level of the oceans, so just a bit of logic is enough to understand that Soon we will have to come into contact with water in a (almost) obligatory way.

In fact, scientists are already working on a project that allows people to become an amphibian!But it is not a superpower, the researchers turned to 3D printers that can create gills so that people spend more time submerged in the water .

The device that resulted from this experiment was baptized as ‘Amphibio’ and consists of a vest and a mask, both elements were made with a ‘superhydrophobic’ material that is placed on the face and helps to take from the water the oxygen necessary for our lungs , at the same time that it releases carbon dioxide.

This process is identical to what aquatic animals do to survive, whose designer is materials scientist Jun Kamei, of the Royal College of Art, in the United Kingdom, who worked for it together with the RCA-IIS Tokyo Design Lab. In a statement Press, the expert said that his invention will help people who spend a lot of time in the water.

For now only tests have been done in small scenarios, but the next step will be to try it on a large scale.

Science warns that at least 32 square meters of aquatic surface are needed to meet the oxygen demand of a human being, so the project hopes to be functional in an area of ​​such dimensions.

For his part, Kamei stated:

“In the near future, this could help you stay underwater longer than in diving, and with less equipment. ”

Can you imagine it? You no longer have to carry a huge tank of oxygen to explore the depth of the waters and the mysterious corners of the sea.

With information from Actualidad RT, Twitter and La Neta Noticias.

Photography: 3D Natives e Images 4 Ever.