Guys Rescue Innocent Wallaby from SHARK Infested Water

On March 29, 2019 in Weipa, Queensland, Australia, man who recorded the video had this to say. “I was out fishing with my good mates Conor and Declan. On our way back home we ran into this struggling little wallaby and helped him back to shore before he got turned into shark or croc food.”

Just a casual day of fishing for these three guys and they come across a medium-sized wallaby out in the ocean. Just like the guy said in the video, the little guy is a lunatic! He could’ve been easily caught and turned into dinner for a crocodile or shark. But instead these guys came rolling around, spotted him and grabbed his hand to lead him back to shore. The entire time, he held his hands out for the guy and didn’t move an inch, as if he knew he was being brought back to safety!

At the end when they drop him off on the shore, he stops, turns around to look at the group of guys and it’s so cute because it’s as if he wanted to befriend them and hang out more. These amazing videos never fail to surprise us that humans and animals can truly get along and work together for the better. Another wonderful video here this morning.

Source: ViralHog