Guests Are Terrified To See A Man Enter The Enclosure to Feed Crocodiles [VIDEO]

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You can not believe how the fearsome reptiles reacted. The unusual moment shared as a daring man enters a crocodile enclosure and they behave like they are pets when fed. The man who appears in the viral does the unthinkable to surprise several onlookers.

You can appreciate the precise moment a tamer of crocodiles enters the enclosure of reptiles with a bag full of meat. The visitors, witnesses of the feeding, indicated that the man made a strange presentation.

Suddenly, the trainer fed the creatures only a few centimeters away, in the video you can see that the breeder places food in the jaws of the fearsome animals.

“How brave this guy is to get into an enclosure full of crocodiles,” “The audacious man could be devoured by these beasts, they are very dangerous and know when to act,” were some of the reactions that onlookers had .


Source: La Republica