Group Of Teenagers Laugh As They Taunt And Torture A Helpless Swordfish (WARNING: The Following Video Contains Sensitive Material)

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The animal had approached the coast to give birth. The bathers were fed with him between laughter and recordings with mobile phones.

Last week a video showed a group of young people throwing objects at a swordfish that approached a beach on the Greek island of Euboea.

According to Greek Reporter, the animal arrived in the shallow waters of the city of Chalcis to give birth. The people who were in the water at that moment and identified him as a shark and hurried to the beach. However, shortly after they realized that it was a swordfish and began to throw different objects and pursue it. The portal said that the aggression and stress caused the animal’s death.

The behavior of the bathers caused the indignation of Internet users and several of them reiterated that the protagonists of the story deserve some type of punishment. YouTube users called the people of the marine animal’s death “animals”, “idiots” and ” monsters “. “I would like them to realize what they have done and feel remorse,” said a viewer.

At the same time, some users stressed that no one on the beach intervened to stop the attackers. “I’m sure some of those who were there did not like it, but they were afraid of those who attacked the fish,” said another.

WARNING: The Following Video Contains Sensitive Material


Source: ActualidadRT

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