Group of Dall Porpoises Chase Fishing Boat for Fun

On April 27, 2019 in Seward, Alaska, a family was out fishing on their boat when they suddenly came across a group of dall porpoises. They began to swim around the boat and frolic in a joyful manner. As a form of entertainment the family really enjoyed the experience of having the porpoises dive in and out of the water in groups.

The porpoises were playing around the boat for about 10 minutes. The family member who submitted the clip stated, “It was incredible.” Indeed it was, as well the porpoises themselves are simply amazing. They are a small toothed whales that are closely related to oceanic dolphins. Therefore, you get a beautiful mix of the two incredible species which is the dall porpoise.

A wonderful video clip that presents the true fun of having the random experience to share the ocean with these beautiful sea creatures.

Source: ViralHog