“Gringo”, The Lifeguard Dog That Offers Advice For A Day At The Beach

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Gringo is a great example! Summer came and with it, the days of beach and pools, however, these refreshing pastimes, could bring some accidents if we do not comply with the rules.

The “counselor” of the video was nothing more and nothing less than “Gringo” an adorable lifeguard dog that gives us the best recommendations for not having an accident on a nice day at the beach.

In this video, the popular “Gringo” left us tips to avoid cramps in the sea. He “explains” that in order to enter the water, we have to wait an hour after having eaten.

The images ends with the tender message: “This advice I give you, because Gringo, the life-guard, I am”. All a tenderness!

“Beautiful Gringo !!! Very good advice to take into account !! They should make a similar campaign so that citizens become aware of the cleanliness of the beaches. “” I saw it in action when I was on the beach … a professional as expected. “, Were some comments from users highlight the work of Gringo.


Source: Wapa PE