Great Britain Will Be Basking In 82F Temperatures During May Heatwave

Brits will experience a three-month heat wave this year, as hot air from Spain heads to the UK, with predictions that the temperature could reach 28 ° C from here the end of May.

After a cold, wet month of April, with the exception of the Easter holidays, the climate is ready to change thanks to a cloud of 900 miles of warm air heading towards the United Kingdom. The British experienced record temperatures throughout the country at Easter, with the highest temperatures reaching 25.5 ° C in Hampshire. But the UK could prepare for a warmer climate, with forecasters predicting a high of 26 ° C on the first holidays in May, saying the temperature could reach 28 ° C by the end of the month. may.

The Met Office’s long-term forecast predicts above average temperatures until early July.
Weather Outlook’s Brian Gaze said: “28C would not be a surprise at the end of May, as the hot air, known as the Spanish plume, is expected to come from southern Europe.”

According to forecasts, the south will enjoy good weather during the first holidays, while the north and west of the country may face winds and rains. The Met Office weather forecast indicated: “For the months of April to June, above-average temperatures are more likely than below average.

“The probability that the average temperature in the UK is in the hottest of our five categories is 45%, the coldest category is 5%.” Meteorologists believe that 2019 could be the hottest year yet, after a month of February and Easter Monday warmer since records began.

Meteorologist Sarah Kent said: “Forecasts are based on probabilities calculated over the entire three-month period.
“So that sounds a bit like the odds of a horse race, it does not mean that other results are not possible, but in general, over the course of three months, it’s a little more likely that conditions are better than the average.

“These are not necessarily hot days, but milder nights, for example.

Weather Forecast for the United Kingdom: Great Britain will be Basking in 82F Temperatures During May  for 3 Month Heatwave

Before the lenient conditions come on the scene, the UK can expect a mix of fragmented rain and low clouds in southwest England, Wales and the southwest from Scotland.

On Tuesday, most of the country will benefit from dry and bright conditions, with the exception of clouds and irregular rains in the west.

Weather Forecast for the United Kingdom: Great Britain will be Basking in 82F Temperatures During May  for 3 Month Heatwave

In the middle of the week, rain and rain will spread eastward before giving way to a cool northwest wind.
Thursday will be a much cooler and rainy day until Friday.


Source: UK Express