Government Of The Canary Islands Thrilled For The Success Of A Serious Blow It Made To Drug Trafficking

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The Court of Instruction number 4 of Vigo has decreed the entry into prison of the seven sailors of a boat loaded with 1,500 kilos of cocaine that has been intercepted in international waters near the Canary Islands, said sources at the Superior Court of Galicia.

The judge has taken this decision after taking statements on Sunday by telematics when they were still at sea, detailed sources.

It is a fishing boat without a flag that left Brazil for Spain, which has been approached by the GEO of the National Police.

The 1,500 kilograms of cocaine of great purity that was transported and that this Tuesday have been landed in the Military Arsenal of Las Palmas were going to be transferred to another ship that is already identified.

Emilio Rodríguez has assured the journalists the head of the Special Response Group for Organized Crime (Greco) of the National Police in Galicia, who has specified that the arrest of this cache and the arrest of the seven occupants of the ship, all of Brazilian nationality, has been possible by an investigation started months ago by the Court number 4 of Vigo.

The investigations carried out by the Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese and British police on this criminal group, with which a Galician team collaborated, in charge of transporting the drug, made it possible to determine that the objective was to introduce the narcotic substance in Spain, he assured the chief inspector.

The captured boat, which had a waterway and was visibly deteriorated, had left Brazil, and its crew “knew the end of their trip.”

Rodriguez has reported that the Navy and the Air Force have collaborated in the location and boarding of the ship captured between the Canary Islands and Cape Verde , specifically about 700 miles (almost 1,300 kilometers) of the Spanish archipelago, in an operation that has not been completed, since specialists of the Operative Group of Technical Interventions of the Police (GOIT) will now inspect the vessel in search of more drugs.

Similarly, he assured that the researchers have already been able to identify the ship that was about to be transferred the drug, hence the investigations continue open, since it is intended to address it.

Asked about the value that this cocaine could have reached in the market, Rodríguez said that this question is difficult to specify, since its purity, between 80 and 90%, drops to 30 or 20% when it reaches the consumer final, once cut.

Government Of The Canary Islands Thrilled For The Success Of A Serious Blow It Made To Drug Trafficking

However, he has said that, at that level of purity – between 20 and 30% -, the kilo of cocaine is currently sold at a price ranging between 28,000 and 30,000 euros.

The delegate of the Government in the Canary Islands, Juan Salvador Leon, has congratulated himself for the success of this investigation, since he has considered that with it “there has been, once again, a serious blow to drug trafficking.”


Source: Canarias7