Government Approves Shark Fishing In Colombia By 2020

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The resolution would allow shark hunting for almost 500 tons in the Caribbean and Pacific coasts of the country.

In the last hours a controversy originated by a resolution of the Colombian Government, signed on October 25, which allows shark fishing in Colombia, for about 500 tons by 2020. 

This is determined by Resolution 350 of the Ministry of Agriculture , which also states that 125 tons will be taken from shark fishing in the Caribbean Sea and a little more than 5 tons of fins from  Carcharhinus falciformis,  a species of shark that swims along that coast . Likewise, it is explained that, in the Pacific Ocean, a total of 350 tons of this fish and 9.9 fins of Alopias pelagicus, Alopias supercilliosus and Sphyrna corona can be captured .

However, the document also states that this will only be allowed through artisanal fishing, that is, using traditional tools and techniques.

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Of course, this decision was not well received among the animalists, who strongly rejected the resolution by calling it “inadmissible” , especially for representing a threat to the reproduction and maintenance of the species that live near the Colombian coast.

“Inadmissible the new decree of MinAgricultura against the allowed percentages of shark and fin fishing in Colombia,” wrote the director of the Malpelo Foundation, and marine biologist, Sandra Bessudo.

“It’s not the first time”

With all this, El Espectador, citing the words of the Minister of Agriculture, Andrés Valencia, says that Resolution 350 is not a novelty in the framework of legal fishing in Colombia, because it is simply a renewal of a legal practice that is coming performing since 2015.

“Valencia is right. In 2018, for example, a similar resolution was issued. Under the number of 403 of 2018, that document indicated the same as that published by the Minagricultura last Friday. It also authorized the fishing of 500 tons The figure was the same in 2016. Also in 2015. In all of them they made a clarification: the permit was only for artisanal fishing, “El Espectador said in one of his articles.

Finally, in a press release published by Valencia, in order to calm the controversy caused by the resolution, he points out that the decision also seeks to legally protect “bycatches, which is the one that occurs by accident within traditional fishing. “

Government Approves Shark Fishing In Colombia By 2020


Source: Colombia