Google Maps: Zoom In As A Couple Who Were In An ‘Intimate Moment’ And Discover A Surprising Secret [PHOTOS]

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Thanks to Google Maps, a boy visited a US beach and found a couple who allegedly wanted privacy. As he approached them, he revealed a secret that angered the networks.

An Internet user was shocked, because he was taking a virtual tour of a beach in the United States and suddenly noticed that a couple were apparently having intimacy in that place. The young man was perplexed to see this, so he zoomed in to know what was really happening. Thousands of Internet users watching the images were completely enraged. What was it? Next we tell you the details.

The young man revealed in social networks that he first believed that the couple had taken advantage of the small number of people and decided to have an intimate moment; However, when zooming, he discovered the biggest secret they were trying to hide from the world. The images quickly became viral and generated controversy.

Google Maps has become one of the most used applications in recent months, due to the tool it has, Street View , which allows you to navigate virtually through some cities or places on the planet.

A young tourist decided to visit the beach of Virginia Key in Florida, United States and got a tremendous surprise as he found a young couple in very affectionate attitudes. The boy came to think that together they starred in an obscene scene and he was horrified.

However, everything would change when the boy would zoom in the image and discover a terrible secret they had. As could be seen in the images captured by the Google Maps cameras, the couple was drinking enough cans of alcohol in that place, something that is totally prohibited since these substances can cause inconvenience among vacationers.

The unexpected discovery achieved with Google Maps generated controversy in social networks, since apparently there is no rigorous control of the entry of these drinks to public places like this Florida beach.

Google Maps Zoom In As A Couple Who Were In An Intimate Moment And Discover A Surprising Secret


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