Google Maps: young man walks along the beach and meets a girl who made daring topless without censorship [PHOTOS]

Discovery became trend. A user was walking along a paradisaical beach and got a big surprise when he came across a girl making a daring topless that was not censored by the application.

Thousands were astonished by the Finding. Google Maps is again in the ‘eye of the storm’ after it is revealed that the navigation tool managed to capture a woman in topless and did not censor the suggestive images. A young man was virtually walking along a beach in Marbella, Spain and ran into this young woman who was doing that daring act, but to his surprise the tool ‘forgot’ to censor the scene.

The boy revealed on Facebook that he was visiting that paradisaical European beach and discovered that Google Maps cameras had managed to capture a woman who did topless. However, to the surprise of thousands of users, the application ‘forgot’ to censor it and the fact did not go unnoticed on social networks.

Since its launch in 2005, Google Maps has been involved in controversy due to the unexpected discoveries it makes in the world thanks to the cameras it uses to capture the environment. It is for this reason that, in order to guarantee users’ privacy, the application censor the faces of the people it manages to capture in its images.

However, despite the efforts made by Google Maps to ensure people’s privacy, everything indicates that this time the application made a mistake and ‘forgot’ to censor the topless made by a woman on the beach in Spain.

A young tourist uses Street View on Google Maps and came across the scene, which attracted much attention and decided to share on social networks. The fact did not go unnoticed and became viral, due to the constant demands of users, to improve the application and ensure the privacy of all people who have been captured by the lens of the tool.

At the top we share the captures that Google Maps managed to get from this woman who made a bold topless in that paradisaical place in Europe; however, it is important to mention that this is not the first time that Street View manages to capture this type of unexpected discoveries.

Users joined and asked Google Maps to improve its interface and ensure that this type of events are not repeated, as it would violate the privacy of people in various countries of the world.

young man walks along the beach and meets a girl who made daring topless without censorship [PHOTOS]