Google Maps: travels beaches of Miami and ends up impacted when seeing a contortionist girl [VIDEO]

The journey made by a young man through his Google Map application generated great astonishment as a contortionist girl appeared performing yoga on the beaches of Miami .

Incredible discovery that generated great impact. Google Mapsrecorded a curious discovery that surprised more than one Internet user. Thanks to Google Street View cameras, a user virtually visited the paradisiacal beaches of Miami , Florida, United States , when suddenly on his virtual trip he found a contortionist .

The discoverer of this unusual fact did not let time pass and captured the images of his phone recording his tour in Miami , to then spread it on various social networks where hundreds of comments invaded the publication.

Apparently the protagonist of the viral video of Google Maps took the white beaches of Miami , in the United States to carry out his training of Yoya, this precise moment was captured by the cameras of Google Street View and now it is tendency in Internet.

The young man who spread the photographs on his social networks said that his tour of the beaches of the United States was in order to know with Google Street View the destination of his next vacation that he will have with his family.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that Google Mapshas captured curious moments. This application has become one of the most used by millions of Internet users seeking to resolve their doubts regarding destinations.

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