Google Maps: Man Was Shipwrecked On An Island For Nine Years And Was Rescued Thanks To The App. [VIDEO]

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Thousands of users were surprised to learn the story of a man who was shipwrecked on an island for nine years and was rescued thanks to Google Maps. How was it possible? Here all about it

You can never imagine what happened to this subject. Thanks to a recent YouTube video, the story of Adam Jones was learned, a man who was rescued after shipwrecking for more than nine years on a desert island in the Pacific Ocean. Thanks to Google Maps cameras, he was rescued and now his story has gone viral on social networks and in countries like United States, Canada and Mexico. If you want to know the details of this ‘miraculous’ rescue, don’t stop reading the note.

The man had taken a vacation with his friends and to his bad luck a storm caused him to be shipwrecked on an island located in the Pacific Ocean; However, to his good luck, the signal he made was captured by the Google Maps cameras and thus could be rescued. Do you want to know more about its history? Keep reading to know everything about it.

Google Maps has returned to be news in social networks, since a recent YouTube video revealed to us the incredible rescue that could have been possible, thanks to its satellite cameras being able to capture the help signal made by a young shipwreck on a desert island.

The tragic story of Adam Jones, a young man who lived in Liverpool and who planned a vacation with his friends in Hawaii, was revealed through the YouTube channel ‘ Tu Cosmopolis ‘. The young man decided to cross the Atlantic Ocean , then the Panama Canal and finally reach the Pacific Ocean ; however, he never imagined that a harsh storm would surprise them and make him shipwreck on a desert island.

As it was revealed on YouTube , the young man was in that place for more than nine years, during which time he looked for ways to survive alone and do everything to be able to stay alive and totally stable. The young man decided to make a distress signal of several meters, so that someone can see it in the distance.

Several years passed and I didn’t receive any help; However, one morning he saw a plane furrowing the skies for what he did everything to be seen by the ship. To his surprise, said airplane launched a box with provisions and a radio to communicate. In doing so he received the news that thanks to Google Maps he could be seen by a young user, who alerted the authorities of this request for help.

Thus, thanks to the Google Maps and Google Earth cameras, it was possible to rescue this young Englishman, who greatly thanked the young man who saw his message of help and thanks to whom he returned with his family.

If you want to know more details of this story, we leave this video that will surprise you


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