Girl Tries to Do a Flip on the Beach Until it Goes Terribly Wrong…

On March 31, 2019 in João Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil, a few friends were messing around and having fun on the beach when their activity goes left. The girl in the video was trying to do a flip, but when she got up on the guy’s shoulders, she flipped right over and ended up face planting. This could have been a bit more serious if she happened to land with more weight on her neck.

Camera man had this to say. “My friends and I were trying to record a new trick and ended up failing big time. Thank God everything turned out alright and the girl is okay.”

In the end the girl turned out to be alright. She only took a little scratch on her right shoulder and ate a little bit of sand. Luckily she did not hurt her neck or anything serious. Always remember kids, when you’re out messing around with your friends, especially on the beach, be careful and don’t do anything too wacky or dangerous!

Source: ViralHog