Girl Sailing In Mysterious Lake Is Scared To Extract A Strange Creature With Two Mouths [PHOTOS]

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A viral Facebook video recorded the terrifying moment when a girl pulled a strange creature with two mouths from a deep lake.

Creepy find. Through Facebook, a viral video showed the spooky discovery of a strange creature with two mouths that fell into a woman’s trap, while navigating Lake Champlain, on the border of the United States and Canada. The terrifying scene became a trend, especially in Mexico , Spain and Argentina.

Debbie Geddes, the woman who ran into this rare animal , told local media that she had gone fishing with her friend, when she suddenly felt that a fish had bitten the hook, however, when she took it out of the water she took the surprise of his life, because he noticed that it was not an ordinary animal since it had two mouths.

Geddes also mentioned that having the fish face to face he did not hesitate and asked his partner to photograph him, in order to have evidence of what he had found. Having captured the image of this mysterious creature , the man shared it on Facebook, where it went viral generated all kinds of reactions and comments among thousands of users.

The photographs were originally shared on the Facebook page “Knotty Boys Fishing” where he received a lot of likes, reactions and was shared thousands of times. After the publication of these images, various American media decided to contact the woman to take their statements and confirm that the sea creature was real.

For their part, Facebook users gave all kinds of hypotheses as to why this fish had two mouths. Some of them were: “What a strange creature, it was born that way because of the contamination of the lake”, “Probably that creature has two mouths because before it has bitten a hook and has had an injury that left it that way”, among others.

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Source: La Republica