Girl Gets Blinfolded in the New Bird Box Challenge, Enters a Crocodile Enclosure, Then The Worst Happens

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Video shows the risky action of young people who blindfolded to catch dangerous crocodiles in a pond.

Young people tried to carry out the viral challenge ‘Bird Box Challenge’ inside an enclosure of ferocious crocodiles leaving a terrifying result. Through Facebook we shared the viral video that shows the risky action of these guys who were introduced to the habitat of dangerous reptiles with a blindfold in the same style as the Netflix movie ‘ Bird Box ‘.

After debuting Netflix the film Bird Box , users began to share a strange viral challenge called ‘Bird Box Challenge’, which was to cover your eyes with a bandage and perform several activities without being able to see anything as if you were blind. Recent on Facebook , it was revealed that some guys imitated the action and were introduced to the house of some crocodiles to capture them, as proof there is a video that is now viral .

In the images broadcast on Facebook , it was learned that there is a kind of dangerous “sport”, which consists of covering your eyes to venture into the aquatic reserve and capture alligators , a kind of crocodile . The viral video where you see a group of young people doing this risky action, has thousands of Internet users impacted.

The viral record shows crocodile tamer Jason McDonald, 37, and his group of friends, blindfolded and trying to grab several alligators that exceed 60 kilos and two meters long.

Young people are excited to act as in the movie Bird Box , even one of them dares to kiss the head of the fearsome reptile. This unusual viral video was registered at Colorado Gator Farm, in the United States.

Jason McDonald indicated that it is not the first time that they enter the habitat of the crocodiles with their eyes covered, what’s more, he affirmed that this activity takes place long before the Netflix film was released. According to the tamer, the risky “sport” could be the inspiration for the creation of the feature film where Sandra Bullock acts.

Here the shocking images spread on Social Media: