Girl Attempts to Film Youtube Video But Instead Captures an EPIC FAIL

On March 18, 2019 in San Salvador, El Salvador, a girl was attempting to record a Youtube video for her channel when she happened to take a terrible fall.

She was coming back out from grabbing a few things before sitting down on the lawn chair but failed to notice that the lawn chair was slightly leaning on the pool’s edge. Therefore she went to stand on it and ended up totally wiping out and dropping all her belongings in the pool.

With the submission of the video, she also had this to say. “I was filming a morning routine for my YouTube channel and I fell.” Simply put, she fell but with the way she fell, it made for an amazing fail video.

Always remember when you’re poolside, anything can happen so make sure your chair isn’t close to the edge or that there is anything that can make you wipe out! Otherwise, this type of funny tragedy could happen to you!

Source: ViralHog