Girl Annoys Huge Live Crabs And “Karma” Teaches Her A Tough Lesson [VIDEO]

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A woman recorded a viral Facebook video of the moment she reached into a container full of crabs, without imagining that one would give her what she deserved.

Painful end on Facebook. An afternoon of fruitful fishing for a woman in the United States became the worst day of her life, after having the bad idea of ​​playing with her four newly caught crabs. The video went viral in Mexico, Spain and Argentina.

The viral Facebook recording recorded the moment when a daring woman put her index finger in a bowl full of live crabs, bothering them repeatedly and then “karma” takes revenge, then the girl received her deserved punishment from the fierce crustacean.

As a disrespect for animal life, the woman annoyed the sea creatures by pushing her shell to the bottom of the vessel as implying her tragic end. However, one of the crabs tired of the woman’s constant attacks, pulled her tongs to the surface and caught the woman’s finger causing her unbearable pain.

The viral Facebook video showed the moment when the woman hurriedly took her hand out of the bowl carrying the intrepid crab, while at the same time she launched a series of heartbreaking screams. The crustacean ended up on the ground product of the abrupt movement that the girl made to get away from the animal.

The viral video was shared on Facebook by the “ViralHog” page, which accumulated more than 100,000 views, 200 shares and dozens of comments. “You were definitely asking for it,” “stop playing with your food,” “that happens to annoy the crabs,” “I’m surprised he still managed to keep recording and didn’t drop his phone,” users wrote in the social networks.

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Source: La Republica