Gigantic White Shark Stalks Unconscious Surfer And The Outcome Surprises Viewers [PHOTO]

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On a beach in New Orleans, USA, a reporter managed to capture the moment when the danger approached a few meters from the surfer.

The event could end in tragedy. Through Facebook, she turned viral disconcerting photograph by the renowned portrait painter, Joe Mault, which shows the precise moment when a shark stealthily stalking a distracted surfer.

The peculiar image of Facebook managed to impress thousands of Internet users, which is why the publication became a trending topic in social networks in Mexico, Colombia, Canada and the United States.

Likewise, the event happened on the popular Nauset Beah beach, Orlando, in the United States. Place that starred the remembered detective Jessica Fletcher, in the series “A crime has been written.”

“The moment I realized what is happening, my only response was to lift my feet from the water … and drop my jaw. I thought I didn’t want to splash too much so as not to attract his attention, but at the same time I had to row fast, ”said the protagonist of the Facebook post, Devon Zimmerman, during an interview with USA Today, after appreciating his viral photography.

On the other hand, due to the dangerous scene exhibited by the photograph disclosed on Facebook, it has served as a tool for the New Orleans authorities to emphasize the dangerous presence of sharks on its coast.

Gigantic Shark Stalks Unconscious Surfer And The Outcome Surprises Viewers
Source: La Republica

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