Gigantic Whale Emerges From The Sea Near The Boat Of A Fisherman And The Worst Happens [VIDEO]

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A professional photographer of marine life shared on YouTube the exact moment of the encounter of a gigantic sea creature with a fisherman who was mobilizing with his boat, at sea.

Stunning images An incredible viral from YouTube has recorded the exact moment when a humpback whale emerged from the sea and placed a few meters from a fisherman. A photographer managed to capture these ‘horror’ scenes that have been poured into one of the most watched videos on social networks. Users from Mexico, the United States and other countries around the world have not stopped sharing the show that the sea ​​creature provided.

As can be seen in the YouTube viral video, the enormous sea ​​creature approached a fisherman’s boat to do the unthinkable when a camera lens recorded its movements.

Photographer Douglas Croft, 60, watched the ‘jumping’ whales of Kate Cummings. The amazing YouTube sequence was captured in Monterey Bay in Canada. A gigantic creature jumped a few meters from a boat carrying a confident fisherman.

“That the exit to the surface was directly behind the fishing boat makes it really show its size. The whale is huge! If I had been the fisherman, I probably would have been terrified,” said Douglas, author of the famous YouTube video.

Also, we spread the viral YouTube video that has marked a trend in social networks. These images present the reaction that the huge humpback whale had when a fishing man’s boat hit.


Source: La Republica