Gigantic Python Devours Huge Crocodile In A Matter Of Minutes (Warning Video May Be Offensive)]

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Chilling images of a video went viral on Facebook as it showed us the way a giant python devoured a huge crocodile in no more than 20 minutes. The images were recorded in a jungle in Australia

The snapshots were taken by Martin Muller, a resident of Australia, who recorded the way the reptile expands after digesting its prey. The event occurred in the Mount Isa city camp (Queensland).

Muller gave details of the unusual find inside the swamp. “I was carrying out my favorite sport, when I suddenly stopped to see that the snake was ending the life of the crocodile by means of constriction,” explained the author of the viral .

The predator took about 20 minutes to kill its prey and leave it completely motionless. The extensive process of digestion and how the giant python of the species “olive” ended.

The GG Wildlife Rescue expert, Michelle Jones, commented that: “Pythons can dislocate their jaw to extend their bite, it is not uncommon for them to try to eat a crocodile. Although most of the time they fail, because they move better in the water. “

It should be noted that the olive python can reach four and a half meters long. On the other hand, the species is not dangerous, since it does not have poison, which is the reason why it attacks its victims by means of the constriction.

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Source: La Republica