Gigantic Glacier Collapses and Nearly Kills Tourists Visiting the Area [VIDEO]

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The scene where some tourists almost died after a huge glacier collapsed in Iceland went viral.

A video shared the moment when some tourists visited paradise in Iceland and almost died when a glacier collapsed very close to them. 

Iceland is an extraordinary country where you can capture impressive images, so it is not surprising that it is one of the most visited places by photographers. Its glaciers, lagoons, fauna and sky are its main attractions, since they create beautiful landscapes that can not be found anywhere else in the world.

Some tourists who visited the country were amazed by the landscape and headed to a lagoon surrounded by several glaciers. Before the expedition they were told to be careful with the area, since you could only enter with a guide .

The tourists arrived at the place, approached the lake and stood on the stones to capture the best photograph, when suddenly one of the glaciers, on the other side, collapsed, falling into the lake and creating panic in the visitors.

Immediately, they left the place while being ‘pursued’ by huge waves that were formed by the great landslide. One of the tourists recorded the moment and uploaded it to YouTube where it quickly went viral.

The videographer said that all the people in the video had been instructed to leave the beach immediately if there was a cave-in, however due to the large size and proximity of the glacier, it was a little difficult to get out, but to everyone’s delight, they followed. the instructions and nobody was hurt.

The Newsflare portal shared the shocking images of the collapse, which were uploaded to YouTube where they also went viral.


Source: La Republica