Gigantic Crocodile Looks For A Female To Mate With, Without Imagining That It Would Attack Him Mercilessly [VIDEO]

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A viral YouTube video showed the terrifying moment that an “alpha male” crocodile lived through when he was cruelly attacked by a female, who couldn’t stand to mate with him.

Frightening outcome on YouTube. A viral video recorded the precise moment in which a huge “male alpha” crocodile was hit by a female , after not supporting it to approach her to reproduce. A safari ride for a group of people who enjoyed the Australian jungle became an unforgettable experience, as they witnessed the brutal fight between two huge predators.

On board a van, tourists took pictures of the beautiful landscape of a mighty lake until two huge silhouettes were imposed on the edge of the shore, when zooming into the camera, people realized that they were two majestic crocodiles , but with a particularity, they were male and female.

Brutal fight

The YouTube viral video recorded the terrifying moment when a female crocodile kept its distance from an imposing male who tried to mate in the middle of the lake. In the distance and in complete silence, the tourists caught the two creatures looking at each other carefully as if waiting for the first movement of their opponent.

It was only a few seconds for the female crocodile with total coldness to be captured in a viral YouTube video with a severe blow to the four-meter male who tried to mate with her in the deep salt water lake. The pitched battle left thousands of users ‘speechless’ to see that the stage of reproduction in nature is not an easy task.

According to wildlife experts, female crocodiles are very demanding when it comes to the male with which they reproduce. All others will be expelled from their place, by force if necessary. The viral recording shared on YouTube shows that the fight between male and female crocodiles is more common than between two “alpha males.”

The viral video was shared on YouTube by the “ViralHog” page under the phrase: “A three meter saltwater crocodile female hits a four meter male who got too close”, you can read in the clip description that accumulated more than 100 thousand reproductions, 500 shares and dozens of comments.

“There is no doubt, the wildlife is only for the brave”, “When not, it is not!”, “I loved to see how the female put in place the male who wanted to mate with her and did not leave”, “the nature is amazing, ”commented users on social networks.

We remind you that you can appreciate the viral video on YouTube thanks to our gallery, and to achieve this , you just have to slide the main image to the left.

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Source: La Republica