Giant Stingray Approaches Divers and Incredibly ‘Asks for Help’ [VIDEO]

“…it is very rare for one to approach you, show up and then unroll his head lobe to show hooks and stuff,” said one of the rescuers.

A video recorded the unusual moment when a stingray approached a group of divers for help because she had hooks embedded in her right eye.

The animal was near the coast of Ningaloo, Australia, and was wandering in pain as it approached a group of people on a boat.

“I often guide divers in the area and it’s as if I recognized myself and trusted that I would help her,” said Jake Wilton, an underwater photographer who was part of the group of divers.

According to her statements, the blanket got closer and closer to the boat until she showed them the organ that hurt her and, in order to know how the animal would react to the men approaching, she dived several times next to her, but the animal remained still.

The images show how Wilton carefully removes the hooks while the animal remains motionless.

“Most animals tolerate you… but it’s very rare for you to come up to you, show up and then unroll your cephalic lobe to show hooks and stuff, so I realized as soon as she started interacting with us, it was something very special. And we had the opportunity to get the hooks out,” the photographer added.

The animal “absolutely understood what was going on,” according to UK marine biologist Monty Halls, who was also part of the boat.