Giant Shark Faces Another Shark And Terrifying Result Surprises Thousands [VIDEO]

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The moment in which a huge hammerhead shark tries to devour its distant cousin, the blacktip shark, was shared on YouTube.

A viral video shared on YouTube shows the impressive moment in which a gigantic hammerhead shark tries to devour another smaller shark in the middle of the Florida Sea, United States. The surprising moment became a trend in Mexico, the United States and Spain.

A young man flew his drone through the immense Atlantic Ocean, without imagining that he would capture a spectacular scene of the intense struggle of a hammerhead shark and another fearsome shark.

The giant hammerhead sharks migrate every year to the coast of Florida, to devour their distant cousins: blacktip sharks. Predators can measure four meters in length and weigh 450 kilos, making it one of the most feared sharks on the planet.

As seen in the YouTube viral video, one of them tries to kill one of the hundreds of blacktip sharks that passed by its side.

In the sequence published last Monday on YouTube, the predator can be seen stalking one of the sharks, managing to devour it completely.

Thousands of YouTube users were impressed with the scene that went viral on different social networks.


Source: La Republica