Giant Sea Creature Takes Every Man on Board to Reel it in

On March 26, 2019 in Miami, Florida, USA, a group of fishermen make a huge catch and it takes a lot of power to reel it in. Camera man of the video had this to say.

“Hector, Chad, and Michael are the gentlemen in the video. I recorded the video. Chad is a United States marine and Hector is his good friend. I’m a charter captain with D.L.E, a type of lupus that affects the skin exposed to the sun. We were on our third sword-fishing trip and were targeting a large swordfish, as we have caught a bunch of small ones. It was the end of the day and were getting ready to leave when we hooked the fish. After a 4 hour battle, we were all pretty excited to land the fish that we came for.”

As we can see in the video, the gigantic swordfish was an incredible catch and it took a lot of power to get it on board. A great catch that was fought hard for! These catches don’t come around too often for fishermen, even the best. But when they do, it feels very rewarding and can become a huge trophy or milestone in the fisherman’s career.

Source: ViralHog