Giant Eeel Spotted With Underwater Camera In Loch Ness That Even Terrifies Fish (VIDEO)

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The mystery about the creature has more than one legend, but a scientist believes he has the key from the last images taken by an aquatic camera.

A recent video taken by a water camera on Loch Ness, Scotland, reinforces the theory presented by a scientist about the veracity of the famous marine “monster”. 

The hypothesis was developed by the geneticist, Neil Gemmel, from the New Zealand University of Otago, who conducted a study analyzing and sequencing the DNA of 250 samples collected in the lake’s waters.

From the results, Gemmel knows that what some have managed to see since the sixth century is not about a monster, or a plesiosaur or a large aquatic reptile. 

On the contrary, according to the scientist, “we found a significant amount of eel DNA.”

“Our data does not reveal its size but the significant amount we found means that we cannot rule out the possibility of giant eels in Loch Ness,” he said.

This theory has been reinforced recently thanks to a new video captured with a water camera and disseminated by the Twitter account, @FishtheNess.

The video shows a creature similar to a large eel that passes from left to right and frightens another fish that is in the foreground.

“Let’s be honest, you see a large eel-shaped object passing through your camera on the Ness River, the first thing you think is that it is the lake monster,” they wrote next to the images.


Source: El Sol