Getting to Know Sharks Better

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About sharks, I remember a visit to Alberto Vázquez-Figueroa’s house in Madrid. The Canarian writer had a bookshelf with his books, translated into the main languages ​​of the world, and another with the documentation of the subjects he was researching, or the projects on which he was still working (his desalination plants, for example). The most striking of its novelties seemed to me a kind of multipurpose ship, with a bathyscaphe included, to fight the sharks. In his time as a diver (he became part of the crew of Commander Cousteau) he learned to abhor sharks. From there, and from the progressive threat that he sustains, they are embodying his decision to fight them. If not exterminate them, yes regulate them, confine them … Prevent, in short, their attacks on man, which in his opinion will continue to occur.

In a radically different way, Karlos Simón thinks, a Spanish submariner specialized in the study of different shark species, with whom he has shared innumerable dives.

Helped by the pen of Alfonso Mateo-Sagasta, Simón invites us in Treating with sharks (Kingdom of Cordelia) to dive with him in the waters of Cuba, Kenya, Galapagos Islands, Indonesia, or, without going so far, in the nearest Mediterranean, in order to know much better, even to familiarize ourselves with the different shark families, their habitats and habits, their relationship with the marine environment, with other species and, of course, with man.

Thanks to the experience, the studies and photographs of this extraordinary diver we will look out to the depths of the sea with another mentality and baggage, fill our oxygen cylinders to breathe without fear with these great monsters that are not, Simon insists, but fabulous animals, partly relics, partly legends … In any case, one more species to analyze without apriorisms.

The contribution of Matthew – Sagasta includes references to the great myths of literature in relation to the sea, from Captain Nemo and his giant squids to the Maëlstrom, Moby Dick or the cetacean that engulfed Jonah.

Getting to know sharks better

Beautiful idea, beautiful book.


Source: El Periodico de Aragon