Gang Of Young Hippos Try To Get Tough With An Elephant See Who Gets The Last Laugh [VIDEO]

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The small mammals collided with the angry pachyderm that had an unexpected reaction when they saw them ‘face to face’. The images surprised thousands on YouTube.

Thousands of Internet users of the social network of YouTube have been stunned, after a viral video revealed the furious reaction that an elephant had, after seeing that three young hippos entered his home. The animal saw that the small mammals wanted to splash in the place and had the worst reactions. 

YouTube’s viral recording recorded the wild scene in which a giant elephant saw three baby hippos enjoying a refreshing swim in a lagoon in their territory. For this reason, the pachyderm did not lose the opportunity to evict the small intruders with a series of brutal attacks.

Without suspecting the elephant’s true intentions, the three baby hippos quietly left the lagoon, after separating from their mother and herd to enjoy a refreshing swim. The YouTube video became viral, especially in Mexico, Canada and the United States.

After crossing the lagoon, the innocent hippos sneaked up to the elephant thinking it was their mother; However, the pachyderm made it very clear that they were in hostile territory and would do the impossible to throw them out of the wild scene.

The YouTube viral video showed the brutal moment when the gigantic elephant chased three baby hippos to cross the lagoon and return with their family. Immediately, the mischievous mammals shot off the scene and reunited with their mother.

The viral video on YouTube was shared by “Kruger Sightings” page, which racked up more than 450,000 views, 2,000 shares and 300 comments. “The baby hippos thought it was their mother”, “amazing!, The elephant broke the tree as if nothing”, “the hippos lacked legs to return home,” wrote users on social networks .


Here we leave you with the original video shared on YouTube


Source: La Republica