Galicia’s Narcosubmarine With 3,025 Kilos Of Cocaine Was Controlled From Palma

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A man who lived in Palma supposedly controlled the operation to unload the 3,025 kilos of cocaine from the narcosubmarine intercepted in Galicia. The suspect, a neighbour of Vigo, was taken this Thursday before the head of the Court of Instruction number 1 of Cangas. IS only answered the questions of his lawyer, Carlos Barceló , who traveled from Mallorca to assist him. The judge, after hearing her statement, decreed her entry into provisional prison without bail . He is charged with an alleged crime of drug trafficking and belonging to a criminal group.

The man, who was arrested on Monday in Valencia, was in charge of organizing the unloading of the drug and giving coverage to the three crew of the boat, according to Efe agency. IS was allegedly in contact from Palma with the pilot of the ship.

The magistrate previously decreed the entry into prison of the other five arrested in this operation. These are the three crew members of the submersible and two people who were supposed to provide support on land. The submarine carried 152 bales of cocaine containing 3,025 kilos. The ship was located sunk on November 24 at the entrance of the Aldán estuary, in Pontevedra. Agents of the Civil Guard, National Police and Customs Surveillance participated in the operation, dubbed ‘Black Tide’. The researchers point out that cocaine was going to be transferred to a fishing vessel.

The narcosubmarine was refloated and towed to the Aldán pier. The agents located 152 bales with 3,025 kilos of cocaine inside them, which would have reached 100 million euros in the illicit market.

The Civil Guard stopped last Monday at noon at the airport of Manises (Valencia) to IS when it was about to catch a flight to return to Mallorca . The arrest was carried out by agents of the Benemérita of Valencia thanks to the investigations of the Team Against Organized Crime (ECO) of Galicia, belonging to the Central Operating Unit (UCO) of the armed institute.

The suspect, a citizen of Vigo origin who has resided on the Island for several years, was in charge of covering the three crew members of the submerged sunken on the coast of Pontevedra at the end of November. The ship, which is 22 meters long, was manufactured in Guyana, and came from Colombia. This is the first narcosubmarine intercepted in Europe.

Galicia's Narcosubmarine With 3,025 Kilos Of Cocaine Was Controlled From Palma


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