Furious Attacks Are Terrorizing Scientists In The Waters Of The Arctic (VIDEO)

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A video shared on YouTube shows the shocking moment in which a furious walrus attacks scientists while trying to study the Arctic of Russia.

Shocking On YouTube it was shared a video viral revealing the time when some scientists , who were trying to study the Arctic, were surprised by an angry walrus who attacked them with his huge fangs. The clip became a trend in Mexico, the United States, Canada, among other countries.

Scientists never imagined that what they would record on their trip to the Arctic would become a trend on YouTube and leave them very scared.

While the group of eight men explored the waters of the archipelago known as the Land of Francisco José in Russia , they ran into a huge walrus that attacked them while they were in their inflatable motor boat.

The video shared on YouTube shows how the marine animal tries to drive its huge fangs into visitors, while one of them tries to scare him with a stick.

Despite this, the walrus resists and continues its attack against men defending their territory. After a few moments, the walrus manages to touch the inflatable boat with one of his huge teeth while the terrified men fled.

Thousands of YouTube users were impressed with what happened to the men and the incredible reaction of the walrus.


Source: La Republica