Frightening Creature Grabs the Arm of the Young Man Who Pulled it Out of it’s Burrow [VIDEO]

A viral YouTube video told the story of a young man who was attacked after breaking into the home of a terrifying species.

Numerous users of the online playback platform YouTube and other social networks were stunned after witnessing a group of terrible creatures shelter inside a hole in the mud. A young man, upon realizing the orifice, submerged his hands to bring them to the surface, without imagining that he would be attacked in the worst way, a fact that has gone viral in several countries such as Mexico, the United States and Spain.

What did he find? As can be seen in the YouTube viral video, dozens of vertebrates lived inside a mud hole. The protagonist submerged his hands to examine the hole and captured the mysterious creatures.

This finding has gone viral through the famous Fishing BD channel on YouTube, where more than a million users have reacted with their comments. It is worth mentioning that this publication has also been shared in other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

It is a variety of catfish that emerged from the inside of the hole. The appearance of these animals, also known as catfish surprised the author of the YouTube viral video, as the vertebrates are big-mouthed and ‘bearded’.

The YouTube publication mentioned that this kind of fish usually hide inside holes so that they are not easily caught; however, the animals that appear in the viral video ended up in the hands of the fisherman.

Through this article you will be able to appreciate the viral video that is trend on YouTube and other social networks.