Friends Wanted To Surf The Biggest Wave, But Suffered Tremendous Incident

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Three friends decided to meet after a long time with the intention of practicing their favorite sport, which is surfing; however, they did not imagine that they would become the victims of a huge wave.

They took advantage of leaving early in the day to grab the best waves and apply their surfing techniques, also, they put another person in charge of the recording to share their great feat.

The young people had everything planned for their trip, for that reason, they rented a mobility that can move them to the beach, as seen in the images, the sun did not appear, but that was not an impediment to surfing .

For luck of the three friends, the beach they had come to, was clear and there were no other people who could disturb them, it was then that they made the decision to go into the sea together to catch the biggest wave .

Friends Wanted To Surf The Biggest Wave But Suffered Tremendous Incident

The group of young people counted up to three to throw themselves into the sea along with their boards to surf, but they were hit by a strong wave, disappearing from the view of the person who was recording the event.

The video does not show exactly if the youngsters managed to leave without any injury after being hit by a strong wave; however, in the end one of them is observed swimming to try to leave.

Several were impressed with the images that show the terrible incident that the young people suffered, that their only desire was to surf the biggest wave and have a good time.


Source: La Republica