Frenchman Crosses The Atlantic Ocean In An Orange Barrel At 72 Years Young

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When you are presented with the idea of ​​travelling across the Atlantic in a giant orange barrel, most people may have questions. Like, for example, “Why?”

But for Jean-Jacques Savin, a former paratrooper and military pilot who has just completed the trip to the Canary Islands (off the coast of Morocco) to a Caribbean island. It is easy to answer the question: to prove that man can survive the journey.

Savin was inspired by his compatriot Alain Bombard who, in 1952, proved that it was possible to cross the Atlantic by living only plankton, salt water and raw fish in a lifeboat to raise the challenge. Savin read Bombard’s book on his trip, Castaway volunteer (Castaway), then decided to make his own journey. He left the day after Christmas 2018 and arrived last week on the Dutch Caribbean island of St. Eustache.

His barrel was made of resin. Coated plywood, built by two French barrel manufacturers. The measurements were 10 feet long and 6.8 feet wide. Savin was expecting his new home to be strong enough to handle the killer whale’s attacks.

The French benefited from the assistance of JCOMMOPS, an international maritime observatory, which provided him with beacons allowing him to go to various parts of the sea to help study ocean currents.

Although his trip lasted 128 days, most of the time it was not complicated. He posted updates on Facebook and told a French news site near the end of his trip that he had had only eight tough nights in total, including a rough sea that had forced him to leave the barrel and navigate the difficult waters from the outside. its comfortable confines. He has also rarely met other humans.

While Savin hoped to be on an island with French history to ease paperwork, the ocean does not care about your plans. Instead, he landed in St. Eustache. But his popularity on social networks helped him: although he appeared on the island without warning, a diving center offered to install it in a hotel room.

“Some joked and asked if they would stop him when he arrived because he was so crazy.” Dorette Courtar, a resident of Eustachia, who saw the cannon fired from the ocean by a crane, told CNN. “Others, like me, have been fascinated by this trip and this technology.”

Make the trip in complete isolation in a small boat, of course. But Savin says that “he would not have gone out with him [Bombard] at this time” because of the insistence of his inspiration for Spartan life. Savin brought a bottle of white wine of Sauternes and a block of foie gras for New Year’s Eve, as well as a bottle of Saint-Emilion red wine for his birthday.

Frenchman Crosses The Atlantic Ocean In An Orange Barrel At 72 Years Young

Savin plans to return to France by plane. Now that his journey is over, he plans to ask doctors to take a close look at the effects of his loneliness and probably fly his barrel to the moon.

Frenchman Crosses The Atlantic Ocean In An Orange Barrel At 72 Years Young


Source: Popular Mechanics