Freighter Ravaged By Strong Waves Injures Five Crew Members

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The waves reached 9 meters high and damaged the structure of the Irish ship Arklow Day. The crew had to be rescued by the Helimer.

The maritime storm has not made a truce, on Monday in Asturias. The height of the waves exceeded the forecasts of the State Meteorological Agency and has risen to 9 meters. It has been paid by the ship ‘Arklow Day’, to which the state of the sea has destroyed the structure, in an accident in which five crewmen of the Irish flag carrier have been  injured.

The ship had left the Port of Aviles and the blow of  a huge wave damaged part of the deck and the water entered the compartment where the five crew members  were injured. Four of them have been transferred to Jove Hospital, with blows by the body due to the impact of several pieces of the ship. The fifth, most seriously injured, has been transferred to Cabueñes Hospital.

None are in danger thanks to the rapid action of the Helimer, who rescued the men in  an operation that lasted for two hours. His ability to react avoided a tragedy; with a heroic and complicated performance,  in full temporary and at night. 

The ship has returned to land and is already docked at the Port of El Musel. It has 132 meters in length, was built in 2011 and has a capacity for 11,000 tons. It had arrived in Asturias to offload, on the docks of Arcelor, slabs bound for the Aviles factory. He left the avilesino port after nine o’clock at night; but the swell off the coast of the Villa del Adelantado had forced him to return.

Freighter Ravaged By Strong Waves Injures Five Crew Members


Source: Cope