Freighter Grande Europa On Fire In Mallorca Some Crew Members Rescued By Helicopter

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A spectacular fire of a cargo ship 15 miles off the coast of the island of Cabrera has forced 15 crew members to evacuate the ship in a Maritime Rescue helicopter on Wednesday morning.

The freighter Grande Europa, which transported almost 2,000 cars from Salermo, in Italy, to Valencia, has begun to burn past four in the morning for causes that are not yet known. The fire has been practically extinguished early in the afternoon , and a tugboat has begun to take the boat to the port of Palma.

In the tasks of extinction have participated, in addition to the crew of the same boat, three ships of Maritime Rescue , a Helimer 205 helicopter and a ship of the Army, where the evacuats crew have been transferred.

In addition to the 15 people evacuated, there are ten crew members who have remained on board the ship to help in the tasks of extinction.

Despite the fact that preventive plans have been activated in the event of a possible toxic spill, and that a ship specializing in decontamination has been sent to the area, it has already been confirmed that no polluting product has been discharged .

A very close precedent

Coincidentally, the Grande America, a ship of the same company and the same characteristics as what has burned down in the Balearics burned and sank two months ago in the Gulf of Bizcaya.

Although there were no victims, all the goods transported were lost and there was a fuel leak. Then, several environmental entities denounced a series of deficiencies that could have caused a major environmental disaster.


Source: El Caso El Nacional