Four Dissidents Of The Revolutionary Armed Forces Of Colombia Killed In A Navy Operation

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Four deaths were the balance of a mission of the Navy of the Republic of Colombia (ARC) in the peaceful region of Colombia. The group belonged to Armed Organized Residual Groups (GAOR) of structure 30.

Four assault rifles were also seized.

Among the weapons found was an M203 grenade launcher that had been stolen from the authorities on March 17, 2019, while the Navy was traveling in an operation across the Raposo River, where four members of the ARC were killed.

The mission carried out by the National Navy was aimed at giving a blow to the criminal activities of the GAOR in Buenaventura. Complaints indicate that groups whip boats and artisanal fishermen. They also participate in drug trafficking activities in the port area and in the mouths of the Raposo and Cajambre rivers.

The Navy was supported by the Colombian Air Force and the National Police in the development of the fluvial operation, where the criminals were transported through a boat. During the operation there was an exchange of shots with the authorities, when the military asked to stop the ship.

The bodies were transferred to a ship of the National Navy to the heart of Buenaventura by the Judicial Police. During the identification of the corpses, members of the Naval Intelligence determined that they belonged to the Armed Organized Residual Group.

Apparently these individuals were part of the group to commit a crime in the corridors of mobility of drug trafficking charges and guarded the exit by the Pacific of tons of cocaine, associated with other groups of criminals and narcotics in the area.

The Revolutionary Organized Armed Groups are dissidents of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), which took the criminal activities of this criminal organization at the time of demobilization, after the peace agreements signed in the government of Juan Manuel Santos.

Four Dissidents Of The Revolutionary Armed Forces Of Colombia Killed In A Navy Operation


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