Found a Turtle with its Fin Torn, Trash is Removed from its Body and Ends its Pain [VIDEO]

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On Facebook, it was announced the rescue of a turtle with its fin tangled because of the unconsciousness of the humans who throw garbage into the sea.

How far can human unconsciousness go? A video from Facebook shows the precise moment in which a turtle almost loses its life as a result of the plastics that humans throw into their habitat. As part of the tragic consequence, an alarming number of marine species are dying because of the garbage that accumulates in the sea. The environmental pollution at its most critical point.

One of the most affected species are the turtles that, due to environmental pollution , eat bags that they find in the sea because they mistake them for jellyfish and the worst thing is that they get entangled in pieces of plastic . Fortunately, a man caught a turtle with a tangled body, removed the trash from his body and relieved his pain.

In the Facebook images, a man can be seen carrying a turtle to the shore, and with the help of large knives, they cut the meshes that wrapped around the body of a turtle, saving it from a slow death. In networks, users were quick to express their dismay at the mistreatment suffered by the sea ​​creature.

After four long minutes, the turtle was free of plastic and could see all the damage he suffered. Practically, the meshes were cutting the limbs of the sea ​​creature. In the Facebook video, the dramatic release of the turtle to the sea is observed.

The comments of outraged users on Facebook did not hesitate to self-criticize for the dramatic outcome. “Thanks for supporting her”, “For God’s sake, until when”, were the most important phrases on social networks.  


Source: La Republica