Foolish Tourist Jumps On an Unsuspecting Pelican, Attacking Him [VIDEO]

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A tourist who traveled to Florida in the United States to vacation together with his friends, was recorded in the moment he attacked a defenseless pelican floating in the water.

Thousands were outraged by the imprudent act committed by the American, who was severely criticized, after making the video public that shows the attack of the man against the helpless bird .

Hunter Hardesty is the recorder of the video, filming one of his friends he was able to capture. Through the recording it was heard, the laughter of young people who watched with thanks the controversial act of his friend.

“That guy has no conscience, the animal ¬†does have feeling!”, “What does he gain by jumping on the bird? “How terrible is the action of this man”, were just some of the comments.

Hardesty, was recorded at the time he jumped on the pelicans back grabbed and squeezed him. Pelicans are protected by the Federal Government. While the animal struggled to regain its freedom, the guy laughed at the cameras, seconds later the bird was able to fly away, not before giving his attacker a peck.


Source: La Republica