Florida Man Has A Bad Case Of The Crabs (Creepy VIDEO)

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Hundreds of land crabs invade a house in Florida!

According to the homeowner who is recording the video, the heavy rain caused the crustaceans to abandon their burrows.

A resident of the city Port St. Lucie, in the state of Florida (USA), has shared on the Web the strange experience that he lived at the beginning of last week when numerous land crabs invaded his house.

“My God, I saw all those crabs and I said ‘wow!'”, Dan Skowronski told the WPTV television channel.

According to Skowronski in his video, the crabs ran around his backyard and the rest of the house after the heavy rains that fell in the area and forced these crabs to invade the neighbourhood.

“I would say they were a good six or  seven inches long [between 15 and 18 centimeters], they were of a considerable size, with big, really big claws…big crab claws,” Skowronski said.

The crabs returned to their burrows after a while, but the man in the video says that this type of ‘invasion’ occurs, sometimes once a year.


Source: ActualidadRT