Fishing MASTER Catching Big Bass With Nothing But a Worm

On April 15, 2019 in Alabama, USA,  a man is fishing on his deck attempting to catch some big bass. The only thing different about his way of fishing is that he’s using nothing but a worm and trying to catch the big bass with just his hands! He ends up catching one very quickly on his first recording, weighing in at about 14 pounds.

After the first catch he ends up trying to get a bigger catch to complete the day. After a couple more recording attempts, he tries out a new spot and eventually catches a big ole 18 pound bass! The fisherman also included a little explanation with the submission of the video. He said…

“My name is Robert. I have caught bass by hand for over 40 years. I catch them on my farm in Alabama even though I have caught fish in other places. I have caught many over 16 pounds. I fish also with a rod and reel but enjoy the challenge of catching bass by hand a lot more. All the bass are released to live out their natural life. The results have been rewarding. This video was made on April 15, 2019 at my farm in Alabama.”

Video clip below.

Source: ViralHog