Fishing for Crabs and Catches One in the Most Unlikely Way.

From the bowels of the network came an old video that went viral after a Twitter account revived it again, in which some young people went fishing without thinking that a boy would be about to lose his masculinity .

The uncensored Anonymus Twitter account published a clip in which two boys were appreciated in the river, who at that time were looking for some crabs in order to feast.

The terrible thing came later when one of the men, who by the way used a tiny underwear, began to scream and present intense pain in the intimate area. At that moment he got up and saw something stuck in his penis.

The young man did not stop shouting and moving like a madman among the stones of the river without taking off a crusty mallet that clung to his underwear until the friend of the kid ran to support him in the attack perpetrated.

Then, the man who received the tweezers of the ‘beach’ crab was thrown into the water in order to relieve the pain caused by the prey that did everything possible to defend himself, which turned the event into an act that surely the boys would tell to their relatives.

The users highlighted that it was a misfortune that the person who recorded what happened did not do anything to help the boy; while other Internet users focused on the pain caused by the crab .