Fishing Family Catches Humongous Catfish That Turns Out To be A Two For One  (VIDEO)


A big surprise was had by a family that was on a lake fishing, they shared a video that shows them helping a catfish that they had just caught and that had a strange creature stuck in its mouth.

The huge catfish, was about to die, because he had a strange creature stuck in his mouth, which finally could be removed.

When the family approached the mysterious species, it noticed a strange animal that generated panic in the witnesses. Immediately, one of the members of the group took out his phone to start recording the incredible event.

The family, found a huge catfish that emerged from the lake, when removing the body of the animal from the salty waters, the man discovered that there was another creature inside his mouth .

It turns out that the huge fish had captured another marine species, a turtle that could he could not digest. Apparently the catfish was about to die in the attempt to devour the reptile, who got stuck in his mouth. The discoverers were moved to see the animals.

Here we share the video, which shows the rescue the family did, to save the lives of both marine animals. 


Source: La Republica