Fishing Boat Sinks Near Port Fourteen Fishermen Saved From Drowning At Sea (VIDEO)

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Industrial wooden boat ‘Marieta’ sinks off the coast of Chimbote when entering the port for unloading.

The tragedy returned to haunt on the shores of Chimbote. This time, 14 crew members of a fishing vessel were saved from drowned by the sinking of the ship in which they worked. Fortunately, they were helped in time by fishermen from other boats that sailed through that area of ​​the sea and today they can tell their experience.

The wrecked vessel was the wooden industrial ‘Marieta’, license plate MO-20444-CM.

The shipwreck

According to the Perú Pesquero portal, the accident occurred on April 29, when the boat entered the port of Chimbote to carry out its discharges. The causes of the shipwreck were not yet reported, however, apparently it would have been because of the excess load on the boat.

Safe and sound

What was reported is that the 14 crew members of the boat, owned by the company Nicori, are in good health. They were helped by other seamen who were near the place where the sinking occurred.

“The fishermen arrived at the port, without incident. All are in good health, “commented the portal mentioned.



Source: La Industria