Fishermen Were Rescued Minutes Before Their Ship Was Sinking in the Middle of the Sea, Chile

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“If it had sunk, we do not count on it, because the water is very cold. We are nervous, with stomach ache and pity because we were about to leave our families, “said José Peranchigüay, skipper of the fragile boat.

Imminent death was felt by three fishermen whose boat had capsized craft before – minutes were rescued from the sea by a salmon farming company motorship cruising through the channels.

The boat María José I, who had set sail for the Ladrillero channel for the extraction of the conger, was at 12.30 yesterday crossing the Valdés channel, at the height of Lavapié point, when the current launched it against some rocks. The ship was manned by the patron José Peranchigüay, accompanied by José Cheuquemán and Sebastián Moreno.

The skipper of the boat managed to make a call for help while trying to reach the coast in order to save the ship. However when there were fifty meters to reach the beach the ship began to heel, sinking rapidly into the sector where there are depths of approximately 30 meters.

In their desperation the three fishermen climbed onto the roof of the small ship, which was finally the only thing that remained on the surface at the moment of being providentially saved.

His call had been heard by the Rio Frío motorboat of the company Salmones Magallanes, which arrived in the area in less than 20 minutes, managing to save the three fishermen alive. The manager of Farming of the company Salmones Magallanes, Oscar Garay, said that “it was fortunate that our ship was passing by in the vicinity. They found them alive when nothing was seen. They were standing on the roof of the farmhouse, which was the only thing that remained afloat. “

Inside the ship the castaways were able to change their wet clothes, while they moved to Puerto Natales, where they docked at the Skorpios dock. An ambulance from the Samu awaited them at the place that took them to the Augusto Essmann Hospital in Puerto Natales, where Dr. Francisca Navarro reported that “they were not injured, only affected by the cold water product.”

Fishermen were rescued minutes before their ship was sinking in the middle of the sea

The Puerto Natales Port (s) captain, Lt. Carolina Pacheco, informed that a Navy launch was sent to the scene of the accident to “verify the exact place, in what condition the ship was left and if it could cause safety difficulties in the navegation”.

Facing death

After 17.30 yesterday, the three fishermen were discharged from the Augusto Essmann Hospital and sent to their homes. The three are from the city of Calbuco, Los Lagos Region. The ship they manned is registered in Punta Arenas. When they left the hospital they did not hide the emotion of having saved themselves from death.

José Cheuquemán recalled that they were thrown into the rocks against which they collided and the ship began to sink.

“I had never had an accident. It was a critical moment and I still have a lot of nerve, “he said.

José Peranchigüay said that “I managed to communicate by radio and they arrived immediately. I was like 20 minutes in the water and thank God nothing happened, the only thing we lost was our things “.

He added that “we had climbed the roof of the house. If it had sunk we do not count it, because the water is very cold. We are nervous, with stomach pain and pity because we were about to leave our families. “


Source: La Prensa Austral