A Moving Moment When Fishermen Release Dying Turtle Stuck Between Hundreds Of Nets [VIDEO]

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A viral YouTube video recorded the poignant moment when a couple of men saved the life of a turtle trapped in painful fishing nets.

A group of fishermen received the applause of thousands of users on YouTube , after they rescued from death a sea ​​turtle that was trapped among hundreds of nets in the middle of the sea. The men heard heartbreaking sounds and approached to rescue the victim, without imagining the heartbreaking find, which was shared in Mexico, Canada and the United States.

The fishermen never imagined that they would be responsible for a viral YouTube video, which showed the moment when they found a turtle entangled and stuck in a set of nets, which prevented him from freeing himself to reunite with his family.

After several hours of navigating the Pacific Ocean, some men were terrified to see how a huge bump moved to the rhythm of the waves, but imperceptible regrets put them on alert. The viral YouTube video recorded the moment when the men noticed the presence of a badly wounded turtle and did not wait long to save his life.

The fishermen removed the creature from the sea and ran into the ungrateful surprise of finding it stuck in the nets. For that reason, his rescuers with the help of a knife cut his deadly trap and what happened next thrilled thousands of users on YouTube .

However, the enormous effort that the sea ​​turtle experienced to stay alive paid off, since it was seen by a group of fishermen, who without thinking twice freed it from some painful ropes and placed it in the sea to look for its family.

Watch the YouTube viral video:


Source: La Republica