Fishermen Save The Life Of A Baby Great White Shark That Was Stranded On The Seashore [VIDEO]

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A viral video posted on YouTube shows the precise moment that courageous men provided help to a dangerous shark that was on the verge of death.

Heroes without cape. In YouTube one was shared viral video that generated congratulations from users about fishermen who saved the lives of a huge shark that was stranded on the shore of drink.

The subjects were walking through the place and kept away, due to the strong swell that appeared that day. However, one detail caught his attention and they ran to find out what was happening.

Great was his surprise to find a gigantic shark that was on the verge of death because it was far from the waters. Immediately, the brave men managed to help him and not be attacked by the sea ​​animal.

As you can see in the YouTube images, the fishermen carefully grabbed the tail of the shark , but it kept moving, preventing the rescue work that the lords were doing.

The marine animal was dying and the protagonists of the YouTube viral began to panic. After several minutes, both joined and took the back of the shark to return to the sea.

First they stepped back a few steps, and they did not mind getting wet to the gentlemen , since their purpose was to support the helpless shark. Then, they pushed him so he could swim and celebrated the event that had a happy ending.

“These heroes deserve applause” is the description they placed in the viral video posted on YouTube, which has more than 200,000 views. Several users did not hesitate to praise the work of men .

Watch here the viral YouTube video:

Source: La Republica