Fishermen Hook Something That Drags Their Boat 2 Miles You Won’t Believe What Was On The End Of The Line (VIDEO)

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The great shark gave them a ‘ride’ of almost three kilometers by the outskirts of the island of Alcatraz, in the bay of San Francisco (USA).

A group of fishermen from the San Francisco Bay (California, USA) got a big surprise this Saturday when they noticed that they had inadvertently hooked a white shark.

The event, which took place near the famous Alcatraz Island, was broadcast on Facebook by Joey Gamez, the captain of the boat. In the images you can see the fishermen struggling to catch the prey, even taking turns, without suspecting that it was the great shark.

When the captain takes the fishing rod between his hands, the huge fish comes to the surface, leaving everyone absolutely amazed. “That’s a great white!”, “We have a great white!”, You can hear it in the recording. Upon realizing what they had caught, the fishermen cut the line and released the fish.

Gamez indicated that the predator’s resistance dragged the boat for about two miles (more than three kilometers) into the bay. “The force was almost like being hooked to a Volkswagen that rolled 100 feet (30 meters) deep, it was just trying to hold on to the fishing rod and the reel,”  said  the captain for CBS San Francisco.

The fisherman says that the shark seemed to measure between 1.9 and 2.4 meters. “We never got hooked on such a big shark, we caught sharks of 300 to 400 pounds (130 to 180 kilos), but never a great white shark,” Gamez said.


Source: ActualidadRT