Fishermen Help Whale Sharks Return to the Sea and Receive the Applause of Thousands [VIDEO]

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In this video they use a forklift to push the gigantic animal back to the seasurprised more than one since a whale shark was helped by a group of people to return to the sea, having been captured by unscrupulous fishermen.

The gigantic animal had been captured by informal fishermen and was stranded on a dock waiting for certain death; However, a group of citizens came together to free it and this gesture has already become a trend on  social networks.

As the images recorded on an Asian pier revealed, a whale shark, which is considered to be the largest fish in the world, was captured by a group of informal fishermen who left it abandoned to their fate in that place. The video showed that the animal tries to reach the sea, but due to its enormous weight and size it was extremely impossible to do it on its own.

It is at this point that a group of settlers and merchants decided to do something for the animal and helped him to return to ‘home’. In the video, we can see how one of the workers of the place decided to use a forklift to push the gigantic animal back to the sea.

People did not hesitate to show their respects and congratulated these people for not leaving this marine animal to its fate, waiting for certain death.


Source: La Republica